Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My travelling Toiletries and Make Up essentials

Howdy dudes and dudettes

I'm heading back home to Ireland tomorrow for a couple days to see The Script play on Friday night at the Point (the o2) so I thought I would share with you the things I take in my travel toiletries and make up bag. I will try and link most of the products below but for some items this may not be possible. Once I started taking these pictures (which I apologize for the quality, the lighting was awful) I realized I use a lot of products. I travel back and forth to Ireland every so often so I should be use to packing by now.. well you would think so, right? No. I am so hopeless with packing and I'm not quite sure as to why. Possibly because I love to keep things neat and organised in my bedroom and when having to travel and pack it means messing up that organisation and cleanliness and having to shove everything in small compact travel bags. I won't go into detail about what everything is but do be sure to check out the links beside the product names.
My toiletries travel bag from Primark about 3/4 years ago
Soap and Glory 
Hand Food
The Righteous butter
Clean on me
Re-vital shampoo
Moisturizing body lotion
Re-vital conditioner
Foaming body exfoliator
Garnier Mineral invisidry 48hr roll on
Garnier Make up remover (I have poured into a travel bottle)
Sudocrem 'The answer to all lifes problems' ;) (I have also added to a travel container) 
Superdrug whitening toothpaste travel size
Panasonic Electric toothbrush
Clear plastic food bags Storing my liquids from my handbag at the airport
Travel soap, cotton pads, Q-tips, Nail file & tissue - From a goody bag at a hotel convention
Large cotton pads I purchased from the baby section in boots
Gillette disposable razors
 Comb, bobby pins and bobbins

For many years now I have carried a mini first aid  kit with me most places I go, some items change depending on where I am travelling but these are the essentials of the kit. Maybe I'm just a worrier but I know I'll be somewhat okay especially with this bag of tricks.

From Top Left -
Exfoliating silky mitt CLICK HERE
Matchsticks double sided sticky tape CLICK HERE
Savlon cream and heel plasters CLICK HERE
First aid cleaning wipe
Vicks nazel inhaler
Lemsip cold and flu tablets and sachet
Boots sore mouth gel (bonjela) CLICK HERE
Bassetts chewable vitimins
2 monkey plasters (hahaha) typical Chloë!
Rescue remedy CLICK HERE
Coco butter vaseline CLICK HERE
Superdrug Bow Bracelet - Onsale £1 last summer
Primark Arrow Bracelet from a trio set - £1.50 January
Republic Necklace, rings and Earrings - Onsale
Poundland tiny little mustache tin for holding my jewellery all together
Rimmer stay matte pressed powder CLICK HERE
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 107 CLICK HERE
No7 lipstick Tranquil Rose CLICK HERE
Maybelline Gel eyeliner pot CLICK HERE
No 7 Cream blush in Romantic CLICK HERE
Real Techniques expert face brush CLICK HERE
Rimmel Match Perfection foundation 010 CLICK HERE
Sigma Eyeliner brush E05 CLICK HERE
Maybelline Falsies mascara CLICK HERE
Catrice Liquid eyeliner CLICK HERE
Urban decay double sided shadow brush - Naked 2 palette
Elf eyelash and eyebrow gel CLICK HERE
Collection 2000 conceler No.1 Fair CLICK HERE
White eyeliner - From a christmas set a few years ago
Catrice highlighter stick CLICK HERE
Rimmel eyeliner pencil CLICK HERE
Urban decay naked palette 2 CLICK HERE
Sigma Angled Contour brush F40 CLICK HERE
Sigma Large powder brush F30 CLICK HERE

These lipsticks needed a close up. - Links in the list above
Rimmel Kate Moss 107 was my favourite for Winter and I'm still loving it! But recently I have bought the No.7 Tranquil Rose lipstick and I love love LOVE it! It's one of those lipsticks that whenever I open my cupboard and see it displayed in my lipstick container I always have to take it out and put it on even if I'm not going out anywhere or if it's just before I'm getting into bed, it's a bit of a waste I know but I just think it's such a beautiful colour!
L'Oreal Elnett Hair spray tavel size CLICK HERE
Nivea daily essentials night cream CLICK HERE
TRESemmé Frizz free Argan oil CLICK HERE
Nivea daily essentials day cream CLICK HERE

Do you know what I just realised..? I use quite a good few products. You never really think about it until you start writing a post on it. Most of these products I have mentioned are some of my favourites and although I have never used the Clarins travel size toiletries, which I was given at a hotel convention, I am looking forward to trying them out.

Do you use any of these products I've mentioned? Have you used any clarins products before? If so do let me know, I'd love to hear.
Adios amigos x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Excuses & Empties

Howdy dudes & dudettes

I've been away from the 'ole blog machine for a few weeks and while I do have excuses I'm not going to bore you to death with them all, but I will share one excuse.. My parents came over to visit me last weekend in London for a couple of days, a LOT of laughs were had (to the point where I was crying in an Italian restaurant because I found something so funny and when myself and my mother visited the Tate Modern Museum and I had to bury my head in my mothers coat to stop my laughter from echoing all over the very VERY silent museum), we had some lovely meals and just a really nice time spent. 


Annnd onto the reviews..


Garnier Pure Active - 24 hour spot fighting moisturizer

I love almost everything Garnier, it just suits my skin so perfectly and all of the products I've tried seem to do my skin some sort of good. As a person who has fought with acne/spots for so many years I'm always up for trying something that says it can fight them or at-least keep them at bay and that's what the Garnier 24 hour spot fighting moisturizer did for me, although it didn't clear the spots completely, I did notice a big change in my skin, it felt more hydrated, healthier looking and the spots had faded. Big thumbs up from me!
TRESemmé - Heat Defence Spray

I've repurchased this spray on so many occasions, it does what it says on the bottle really, although I think I may be repurchasing this mostly for the smell and the travel size bottle considering its not a product I would simply rave about, I've found a lot more heat protecting sprays that do the same if not better for my hair. It is a good product but it didn't 'wooooow' me to the extent where I needed to run out the door in my bath towel to the nearest supermarket to buy one when I realised it was empty. 
Nivea Visage - Light Moisturising day cream
I started using this product at the beginning of 2012 when my mother posted it over to me when I first moved to London (she was worried I wasn't moisturising) and for a couple months I used this and found it to be quite a good cream but once I found the Garnier 24 hour spot fighting moisturizer I threw this little tube into the back of the cupboard but I have recently discovered my little friend again. Just looking at the box and the tube it doesn't look very exciting or appealing but my gosh it works wonders, my face has cleared up a huge amount, it feels so smooth and it's like it's had a nice drink..yuuum hydrated face! Another Thumbs up from me! P.s I've already repurchased this.

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder - 001

As you can tell from the pictures above I depleted the container until it's last little bit, great powder, keeps my face shine free while not making it feel over powered and dry like I feel some powders do. Huge plus is  that it doesn't flake on my skin.. woo hoo!
Rimmel Match Perfection  - 001 Light
Again with this blush, it's existence in the top left picture is almost invisible  Once you swirl your brush in and around this blush it gives a great glowy shine to your face, as you can tell I have already hit pan on the repurchased blush. Although the past couple days I've been really liking just using the peach colour on it's   
                                 own, it gives that nice little sun-kissed 'I look really fresh' look.

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
These 2 items are probably my babies, once I'm running low I feel the need to go running to the shops in a panic to buy some more, I think I have some sort of a fear that they will discontinue these products.. even just typing that gave me the shivers. I think everyone has those products that they have used for so long that they just become apart of them. I know a lot of people use all the different types of Batiste Dry Shampoo  but for me I've always gone back to the Original scent/type, it likes my hair and does the trick, I have really dark brown hair and for some people white dry shampoos tend to leave a dandruff looking layer on their hair when they use this but maybe I'm just the lucky one because it doesn't happen to me.

 Sudocrem - The answer to all life's problems. No matter how big or small it is if someone has hurt themselves, have a spot, their arm is itchy, anything. I will always suggest they use Sudocrem. I'm one of these people you probably don't want to meet if i'm having a 'bad skin day' because all you will meet is a white spotted sudocrem covered face.. not the best look! But none the less it's works like a dream. 

ELF - High Definition Powder

I really enjoyed using the High Definition Powder, when I first seen it on ELF I was a bit skeptical on weather it would be of any use to me or not buuuuut I was proved quite wrong. It gives that 'perfect photo finish' kind of look. I haven't jumped to buy this product again mainly because I haven't had any need to buy anything else from the website. The only downside is that it comes with a soft sponge applicator which I had lost and it meant I had to be super careful opening the pot because the product would just go everywhere.. booo! Other than that I will be sure to add this to the basket on my next order. 

Soap & Glory - Hand food

This is one of those things I always have in my handbag or just lying around in the cupboard , although this one may be empty I'll be sure to find half full or even full tubes floating around my bedroom or handbags. It smells great, looks cute and moisturises my hands,what more could you really want from a hand cream? Superrrrb! 

Do you use any of these products? Do you have the same views as I do towards them?
Let me know in the comments.

Adios Amigos x