Saturday, 30 March 2013

March Favourites

 Howdy Dudes &  Dudettes 

Maybelline Define a lash mascara - HERE
I got this mascara a while ago but only the past couple of weeks I've really enjoyed using it. I know some people don't like plastic applicators but I really like them. This mascara lengthens your lashes without leaving clumps, very lightweight mascara so you don't feel as if you have a bunch of false lashes on but sill gives that long defined look. 
Revlon Candy Apple Lip Butter - HERE
No.7 Stay Perfect Tranquil Rose - HERE
Both of these lipsticks have been in my bag with me wherever I'm going.
Beautiful colours, moisturizing & long lasting.
I just love love love them!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 100 Ivory - HERE
Revlon Nearly Naked 120 Vanilla - HERE
I couldn't choose between both these foundations .
The Wake Me Up foundation does exactly what it says on the bottle, It gives you that lovely 'I'm awake' kind of shine, as if you've had that perfect nights sleep that you wished you actually had. Good coverage and long wear. Big thumbs up from Chloë.
The Nearly Naked Foundation is defiantly a spring/summer kind of foundation for those days when it's hot outside (if the UK ever gets past this darn phase of rain, snow and cold weather) and want some coverage but don't want anything heavy on your face. It has light coverage and blends well. I feel this foundation applies best for me either using my fingers or the Real Techniques expert face brush

TRESemmé No Frizz Argan Oil -
I have wrote a separate post about this product
CLICK HERE to see this post

Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste and Max Booster -  HERE &   HERE
Since using this toothpaste and max booster I have seen an improvement in my teeth. Coffee, Tea & Fizzy drinks are all things I stopped drinking/cut down on for so long but I've noticed lately I'm drinking a lot more of these drinks which I know is really not good my teeth. But using this advance white toothpaste has helped with teeth staining from my bad caffeine drinking habit's.. Naughty Chloë!

Garnier Moisture Match Combination to Oily Skin - HERE
I must start off by saying the texture of this creme felt quite weird the first couple times using this but I quite like it now. I don't use this creme all over my face like a regular moisturizer I generally target the places on my face that are more oily than others like my forehead, around my nose and chin due to these being the places that I need the most mattifiying effect. So far in the short space of time this product has been out I am really enjoying it. 

Impulse Loving Words Body Spray -  HERE
Oh my. I could sit and smell this sent all day. I'm not too sure how to describe this smell except it's florally goodness. I bought this some time last year and it got lost in the back of the cupboard and forgotten about but I'm so glad I came across it again. If you're in Boots or Superdrug you must smell this fragrance. Truly Delish!

Non Beauty Favourites - 

Malteasters - These just had to be added as
a favourite this month. I've been stocking
up before they stop selling these after
Easter. Honestly, they're AMAZING!

Infinity Bracelet - HERE
Claddagh Bracelet (Irish traditional symbol meaning love, friendship
& loyalty) - HERE

              What beauty/non beauty products do you have for March?
Let me know!
Adios Amigos x


TRESemmé Argan Oil

I feel like I've tried hundreds of hair styling products in my hair over the years  and I  never usually stick to something too long. I guess Curiosity over comes me when I see a new product that comes out that says it can do 'magical and wonderful' things to my hair that NO OTHER product can do. Me being Me of course I fall for this and think 'Oh great, a new toy to play with'. Buuuuut they never seem to live up to my expectation and although this Tresemmé Argan Oil isn't this greatest hair product I've come across it does do a pretty darn good job.

I have very long hair, approx 24 inches and even thought my hair is in pretty good condition due to the fact I've never dyed my hair..(unless you count the hair mascara's you used when you were a child.. if you're a 90's child you'll know what i'm talking about.. Tres Cool..! See what I did there ;))
My hair is naturally quite thin and breaks easily at the ends, my roots become greasy quite fast but the ends of my hair are dry and just seem to always be having a bad day..booo! It may also have something to do with the act I've been cutting my own hair for over a year now and I can't bring myself to go to a hairdressers. I know this may be weird but I've never been to a hair salon to get my hair cut so the thought of having to go in and ask for a specific cut just plainly scares me. My mother is a hairdresser and shes always cut & styled my hair since..forever. Obviously now I'm living in London and my family live in Ireland I can't just casually get my hair cut like I use to so I guess it's going to be Myself  and my mothers old OLD scissors for now. But until I get a proper hair cut from my mother again I think I'm going to stick with this Tresemmé Argan Oil, it leaves my ends feeling moisturized and nourished, it keeps frizz at bay and those annoying little flyaway's from flying away but the bonus about this oil is that it doesn't leave your hair feeling oiled or greasy like a lot of Oil products do. 

Applying this product -

I apply my regular shampoo and conditioner in the shower
 Towel dry my hair
Brush my hair through using a comb
Apply a generous amount of the Argan oil to my hand
Rub together.. I do this step as it heats the oil in my hand
I distribute the oil in my hair mainly concentrating on the ends and frizz 
Brush my hair throughly with a comb
I then use my heat protecting creams or sprays and style my hair as normal

Do you use oil in your hair? What products would you recommend? 

Adios amigos x


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Musical Sundays

Howdy Dudes & Dudettes

As I was a in search for a song on Youtube I got to thinking about a post I could do, maybe make it into a regular post. I was snooping through my Youtube history and I came across some awesome songs I haven't listened to in a while from famous bands and also unknown/unsigned bands. As a lover of music I've been to see many concerts and live gigs over the years and my music varies from Rock, Dance, Country, Pop & Irish music. I would generally listen to almost everything.

Listed below are some of the songs I am currently listening a lot, some old some new.

Leave me some songs that you're listening to at the moment. I LOVE to hear new music.. or discover some classic oldies too! :)

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Adios Amigos x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

No.7 freebies

Howdy dudes & dudettes.

Boots No.7 - CLICK HERE 
A couple weeks ago I trotted on into boots like I do about 20 times a week (a tad bit of an exaggeration, only a tad though) and I purchased 2 products from No.7. I had never tried any of their cream blushes before and for a while I had been looking and testing this blush in the shade 'Romantic' (top left) but never purchased it for an unknown reason. But today was the lucky day I was finally going to buy it. The reason I was at the No.7 counter was for the lipsticks. Oooh the beautiful beautiful lipsticks. Honestly I really like the long wear of the lipsticks and the pigmentation is just perfect. I was intrigued by the shade 'Tranquil Rose' (top right) which I had seen the costumer service lady wearing and she recommended it to me the time i was in their before. This is my favourite lipstick of the moment, I just can't get enough! But the awesome deal with buying these 2 products was the free gift worth up to £26 pounds (bottom two photos), you don't get to pick and choose the products you receive in this lovely little salmon pink make up case but that was fine, I was thinking of purchasing the long length mascara in full size but I was so happy when I seen it was one of the free items. You also get a 10ml Intense Hypo-allergenic day dream which I have not used as of yet. A lovely maroon coloured eyeshadow and a deep red lipstick, apologies for not adding the names or numbers at the moment. Also an added bonus, there is no minimum spend, just buy 2 No.7 products and receive this free gift. If you're lucky enough at the checkout the cashier will also give you a No.7 voucher that could save you up to £5 on skincare products. I'm defiantly loving the promotions happening at the moment. Everybody loves a good deal!

Speaking about the skin care vouchers I recently purchased the Cleansing face brush saving me £5 and costing me approx £19. I'm going to use this for a bit longer but in the next couple of weeks I will write a review of how I'm getting on with the brush.

Adios Amigos x
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