Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Week In Pictures

Howdy :)

Here are some of the things I got up to during the week, I might make this a weekly post but I'm not too sure yet. Unless I'm doing something remotely interesting I don't think I should write about it and bore you guys to sleep.
Enjoy xo 

Saturday & Sunday - I love love love taking pictures when it's
snowing, everything looks 10 times more beautiful than before.
Monday - My Instagram photos arrived. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out, I'll be doing a post once I've decided how I'm going to display these pictures but first I have to go order some more from Printstagram. Firstly this website is SO easy to use which is a bonus so there's no messing around trying to figure out how to upload pictures etc.  I choose the 4 x 4 inch Squares. With this option you get 24 images for $12 (approx  £7.50) well worth it! I also received my images about 5 days after I ordered them.  If you would like to check out their website Click: HERE
Tuesday - I went to the auditions for Britain's got talent. IT WAS BRILLIANT!  Things I learned - Simon Cowell  actually smiles a lot - I know, shocking! Those buzzers are probably the loudest things I have ever heard, I jumped every single time without fail and Pole dancing is actually an art, the girl that auditioned was amazing and it was so beautiful to watch, it definitely changed my perception on pole dancing! I also seen a Boyband who I think we need to all watch out for, I have a feeling they'll go far, we were also asked not to post the acts names, Sorry.
Wednesday - Me and My Bestfriend Alannah had a conversation with each other on twitter using pictures while I was in work and she getting ready to head to work. You can follow me on twitter HERE, I'll follow back :)
Friday - I went for a nice walk and done some boring things that people tend to do when they they are 'adults' like heading to the bank and food shopping (although I do love grocery shopping a lot).

My eyes - Click the links for more details
Naked Palette 2 - Half Baked
 Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Accessories - Click the links for more details
Satchel - On sale Winter 2012
Glasses Necklace - Claires Accessories
Ring & Earrings - Mentioned in an older Blog post

What I'm wearing -
Beige ankle boots are from Primark last Summer/Autumn, so comfy.
My studded leggings I have owned for 3-4 years I think I bought them
in Heatons which as far as I'm aware is an Irish shop.

That has been my week in pictures, if you like this type of post them maybe I'll do them on a week that I think may be eventful and write a post about it.
What did you get up to the past week? Let me know :) 

Adios Amigos x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lipstick caught my eye today.

Howdy guys :)

My Dress is from topshop (£20) My ring is from Republic 
(onsal£3) My boots are from Tesco 2 years 
ago & my bag is Topshop (£40)

So today I was a tad bit more productive than I was yesterday. The first thing I did when I woke up was rip open the curtains in excited to see if anymore beautiful snow had fallen and had left everything looking pretty, but disappointment quickly set in when I noticed that the snow had mostly melted and now it was just sludge in most parts. So obviously there were no snowmen making or angel making for me today, I do love to be a child every once in a while. Once the disappointed had settled in and I realised I wasn't going to be a kid for the day I decided to get dressed up all cosy and head out, I didn't know exactly where I was going when I left the house as I didn't have anything planned but surprise surprise I ended up in Boots, now for anyone who knows me well they will know that boots is one of my favourite places ever , anyone who is not from the UK or Ireland Boots is a drugstore. I wandered on in to try find the 'Rimmel Kate Moss' lipstick in 107 for one of my friends, she noticed my lipstick a couple weeks ago and really liked it and asked me to pick her up one if I get the chance, since then I have been looking in nearly every pharmacy and this lipstick is ALWAYS sold out, which didn't really surprise me because it is a beautiful lipstick. But to my surprise they had the lipstick in stock so I snatched up the last one off the shelf.. Yippee! I then headed into Superdrug, again another Drugstore, where I had a nosey around and came across A LOT of lipsticks/lip butters I really really liked, and after testing almost every single one on the back of my hand I choose 4 that

From Top Left - Revlon Lip butter in Candy Apple 035. MUA Shade        
13. Collection 2000 Passion Fruit 05. MUA Shade 1.
I though needed to be in my life (see pictures below), After I have given them a go and tested them as much as I can I will be sure to do a review on what I thought of them. It intrigues that the MUA lipsticks where only £1 and I'm quite skeptical, but hey I'm gonna give it a go and see how I get on. I then Trotted into poundland. Ooh I like poundland a lot especially because they sell yummy/unhealthy food for so cheap, I maaaay have picked up 6 milky bar selection boxes that were reduced to 50p, I just couldn't resist, they're just SO good! After visiting some other shops I remembered I had a No.7 voucher for boots that I hadn't used, I've been receiving these vouchers for so long but for some reason I was just never into checking out the range and giving it the time of day. But today I said 'Heck I'm gonna give it a go' so after standing staring and practically reading every ingredient on the products I bought the 'Beautiful skin foaming cleanser for normal/oily skin', for years now I've always used my Garnier Milk cleanser, Rose extract' and because that had always done the job for me I never felt like I needed to change so its quite scary for me to try this but giving the fact that I had a £5 off voucher and it only cost me £3 I'm willing to try it out. And after that long stressful day (Naaat) I headed into Esquires for a nice hot cup of tea and some tomato soup to warm up, delish! & Hey presto that was my adventure today :) What did you do? Let me know in the comments, I love to chat :)
No.7 Beautiful skin Foaming cleanser and th£5
off voucher.

Adios Amigos x

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Day


GUYS IT STARTED SNOWING Yaaaay :D I'm super duper happy, although it isn't enough to go out and make snow angles in quite yet but hopefully tomorrow morning I wake up and there will be A LOT more *Fingers crossed*. Since there wasn't enough snow to go outside and be a child in I decided I would just look at it falling and making everything look beautiful from inside my bedroom, i have a pretty big window which is a super bonus. I emptied all my clothes onto the floor and put things I knew I would never wear or use again into bags for charity, and now my wardrobe is neat and tidy again..phew! For dinner I made some Sweet & Sour Quorn stir-fry, it was DEEEEELISH. For the last few hours I have manages to end up on the the 'weird side' of YouTube, watching videos from cute kittens, Charlie the unicorn & now I am currently watching a DR Phil episode of a man who believes he is a baby. While venturing through all of these strange/cute videos I painted my nails, see the picture above. I have also been writing in my journal constantly today about Blog post ideas, things i need to do and products I would like to buy. So I'm now gonna get back to watching the adult baby dude and ill catch ya'll soon :)

Adios Amigos x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What was your day like?

How DOOO you do.

After a day that seemed like it was going to last forever I am now happily relaxing in my bed, purple owl pyjamas on, a lovely cup of tea in my new floral heart cup and checking out blogs. Please feel free to send me blogs you like or think I might like to read :)

I'm not quite too sure as to why today seemed to drag but my gosh it really did, and considering I was 3 HOURS late for work you would think that the day would have seemed slightly shorter... Buuuut no! I was suppose to start work at 7am this morning (like every work day for the past year) but today I'm not sure what happened, either my alarm just didn't wake me or I forgot to set it..strange. I jumped out of bed faster than you would believe, once I left my house, approximately 5 minutes after I woke up, I rushed to get the bus, hoped on and after a few stops I was confused as to why the traffic was so bad, not knowing at the time about the helicopter crash in Vauxhall, so I jumped off the bus at a random stop and decided that running would be the best option.. Now I'm not a morning type of person but my gosh was I wide awake by the time I reached work, not only did my hands feel like they had frost bite but my hair looked like I had been dragged through a bush backwards, not that it looked much better before I left the house for work. I think I apologised to my colleague numerous amount of times and what didn't help is that this was her 3rd shift in the job. Super! So tonight is going to be an early (well, hopefully) night and tomorrow I will be refreshed and ready to go :)

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Adios Amigos x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Quotes & Pictures

Howdy :)

So I'm a person who LOVES quotes. Any time I see a quote or a picture I like I'll screenshot it, not even kidding I'm pretty sure the majority of my pictures on my phone are screenshots. I thought that considering I like them so much I'd share some of the ones I like a lot with ya'll :) . When I done photography in College a few years ago I use to write quotes to explain the themes or situation in a picture, I must have pages & pages of short and long quotes all scattered in my portfolio.
As a warning I should tell you there are probably going to be a ton of pictures with this post. You have been warned so let's get this quotes party started.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hi my name is Chloё and I have a shopping problem.

Hola Amigos

Basically the past fedays I've been a tad bit bad at convincing my myself that I don't need to buy something just because it's pretty or on sale. I ventured to a lot of different places and bought some things that I probably could have lived without. Some places included Homebase, Ikea, Boots & Republic.

I walk past Homebase when I walk home from work and I noticed they had a 50% sale so of course I had to go check it out. The top picture I made myself. I got the picture in the middle from homebase for half price at £8.99 and also the love heart metal sign which has 'Love' written in lots of different languages, also half price, not 100% sure but I think it was £6.99 :) I also picked up a few morthings from there but nothing super interesting like a touch lamp and a cup.


I ventured to Topshop, I do apologise for the bad quality of the picture above I just could not get a decent photo of the dress. I use to wear dresses constantly last year and the year before but then just went out of that phase, i'm slowly coming back into it and I found this lovely deep purple sleeveless skater dress (£20.00) today and fell in love, I think that pairing this dress with black tights and brown ankle boots would be lovely but i'm not too sure if a belt should be added, help? 

An example of the 'things I could have lived without' would have been this. I thought it would be a super idea to head to Ikea yesterday, my only reason for going was to pick up some vanilla candles and for something to eat.. I have a bit of an obsession with their mac & cheese! Buuut I ended up coming out with some other things also. One of those being the bed side dresser above, it was on sale for £20.00 and I felt like this beautiful piece of furniture needed to be in my life, might I add that I had to get this (in a big box) and other items I bought back on 3 buses on my own. I also picked up some storage boxes and a duvet set.

Next up was Boots, not even kidding guys if I could I would live in Boots very happily. 
I was running out of my Aussie products so had to repurchase the 'Luscious long' shampoo but instead of my usual conditioner this time I decided to buy the three minute miracle conditioner frizz remedy because my hair has been feeling a bit naughty lately and likes to have it's own mind and make me look like I've been in gale force winds or electrocuted.. either way it ain't a good look for me, and considering it's 3 for £10 I also picked up the Anti frizz hair serum which I have never tried before so we'll see how I get on with that :)
Maybelline falsies mascara (£6.99), yes I am pretty aware I'm quite late jumping onto this bandwaggon but hey better late than never, I guess I just never tried this mascara (even with everyone raving about it) because I use to be obsessed with  the brand Essence, I think it's an Irish brand but I think because I was mostly glued to their products I felt I didn't need to try out many others, I'm quite looking forward to giving this mascara a go considering all the reviews I've seen of this product. 

went a bit accessory mad today in Republic but I couldn't help myself it was all half price, The top picture (pleasexcuse my nail polish) is a beautiful gold stud half finger ring for £3.
The three rings all came together, silver, black & rose gold also reduced to 
w i'm not really a wearer of earrings and I could hon
estly not tell you the last time I wore a pair but I just thought theswere too pretty to pass by, One set was marked at £2.50 and the other at £3 I just don't remember which ones..Sorry :/

Aaaaaand there we have it.. a bit of insight into the addiction that I, Chloё seem to have.. I'm pretty sure my bank account does not appreciate it.. Does anyone else have this problem? Let me know?

Adios Amigos :) x

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