Monday, 20 May 2013

20 Tips For Selling At A Car Boot Sale

I thought that considering I really like going to car boot sales and I've also sold my items at them before I would give you some tips if you're thinking of selling at one. 
I'm no expert at this subject but I can give my experience and things that I found helpful to know or have learned since going.

Tips I have found helpful:
Not in any particularly order
  1.  Organize everything the night before so you're not rushing around early the next morning
  2. Have an early night. Car boot sales will usually open very early, in my case I was at the gates Queuing at 6.20am which is why Tip. 1 is very useful.  
  3. Have a a mixture of coins and notes - I have noticed that a lot of buyers will have £20 notes and want to purchase something for £3 so having a mixture of each is good. 
  4. Pack a lunch - If you're going alone then you will most likely not be able to leave your car/area during the day to get a snack so pack a sandwich and water to keep you going.
  5. Wrap up! If you're in Ireland or the UK remember to bring your hat and scarf along. I know it's almost summer time but especially very early in the mornings it can be quite cold and standing outside all day can get a bit chilly. 
  6. Bring a small handbag with you and do not bring valuables in your bag. Use this bag mainly for your coins and notes - If it's possible put this bag under your jacket for extra security
  7. Bring little containers or boxes to separate items into different categories  ie. jewelry, make up, nail polish. This makes it easier for a buyer to see what items you have for sale.
  8. If you're selling clothes, bring hangers, you might not always have an area to hang your clothes, you may just have to fold them, but having hangers again is a great way for buyers to see your clothes and it makes it more visible and appealing. 
  9. Bring plastic bags - This may be an obvious one but the first time I sold at a car boot sale I forgot to bring plastic bags and I had nothing to put the items for the buyers in..Oops!
  10. If you want to be super organised you can also pick up little zip lock bags in different sizes at the pound shop, the usually come in packs of 36, this is a great alternative to plastic bags if you're selling small items like rings, necklaces, or small items that do not need the use of a big plastic bag.
  11. If you're not taking a car and plan on using any available space in the area i.e the ground, I suggest bring an old sheet or a rug to down first.
  12. If your boot sale is outside I suggest you bring an umbrella due to the tendency of the UK weather to rain. If you have any expensive items then bring a water proof sheet to throw over your items if it starts to rain suddenly minimizing damage and value of your item.
  13. You don't need to settle on the first price that someone offers you. Believe me they will try to haggle with you as much as they can. If you do not think your item is worth less than a certain price do not feel the need to sell for less just because somebody may be nagging you. 
  14. If you're selling an item with the original price tag make the tag clearly visible to buyers.
  15. Some people may not like to ask the price of something so make sure to be upfront and go over and start a conversation about the price and brand to make them even more interested in the item.
  16. Mark a price of an item a bit higher than you actually expect to receive, ie. If you want to sell a coat and don't mind receiving £5 then offer the coat for £8, it's great if they take it for this price but for the majority of people they will try get the price down. Never expect to ask for a certain price and receive it for that price. 
  17. If you have never sold at a car boot sale before I suggest you visit one beforehand to scoop out what prices everyone else are selling their items for.
  18. If a buyer is looking for a specific item and you don't have it on display but you remember you have something similar at home, then be sure to let them know that you will be at the car boot sale the following week, or swap numbers and something can be arranged.
  19. Make friends with other sellers in the line, this means if you're on your own you can nip off to the toilet and have them keep an eye on your space. 
  20. Don't feel like if you haven't sold as much as you had hoped that it was a fail, you always have the following weekend to sell again and different people with different tastes will always be there. ie. I have a brand new dress from Pull & Bear with tags and just because I didn't sell it one week doesn't mean the right person won't be there the following time. 
And that Dudes & Dudettes are the things I've learned/found helpful for selling at car boot sales. 
I hope they've helped you also. 
If you have any more do please let me know in the comments, I'm still learning and would love to know more tips.

Chloë x


  1. Such a great post! Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Hey Rachael,
      Thanks for reading :)
      Chloë x

  2. This is such a helpful post, i have so much old stuff, that i don't need anymore but someone definitely may want it. So thanks for all the tips! xx

    1. Hey Olivia,
      Thanks :) it's defiantly worth it, even bring the things that you think that nobody will ever buy because there will always be someone who will take it! :)

      Chloë x

  3. Great tips, planning on doing a few of these before I'm off to Uni so very helpful! x