Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween nail art

For this picture I copied (tried) this youtube video by 'ihaveacupcake'

This picture I just tried to draw things that were halloween related, cobwebs, stars & moon, ghost, pumpkin & blood.

These are the colours I used.

Adios :) x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Diagonol Black and white polka dot with silver strip

I should have taken a picture as soon as I done these nails last night but I completely forgot.. sad face!
If you would like to know how I got this diagonal look you can check out my 'Polka dot nail polish' blog, only difference is the colours.

Firstly I used the 'Gosh' Nail hardener, this product is awesome if you have quite weak nails.

Then I applied the black nail polish by essence called 'fatal' diagonally on my nail.

I then used 'w7' white nail polish which doesn't have a name and a bobby pin to get the polka dots.

Then I used 'w7' silver glitter polish for the diagonal strip above the black polish.

To top if off I used Suhada top coat to protect my finish look from chipping and also to give a nice clear shine.

And thats how I get my diagonal black and white polka dot look.

Adios :)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nail Art Display Wheel

I thought because I have a good few nail polish I would purchase some nail wheels so I could just grab the wheel display to find a polish I want to use quick and easy instead looking through all my nail polish's and sampling them.
I think I need to purchase more nail polish's to fill up the empty wheels ;)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Polka dot nail polish

I got this nail polish look by first using 'Essence' fresh start cleansing nail polish to clean my nails, then applied 'Gosh' nail hardener as my nails break quite easily and this product I feel works the best for me, then after letting that dry naturally I apply pieces of Sellotape diagnolly on my nail. Apply coat of essence 'JUST SHOUT' once it has dried add a second coat, when it has dried you can either use a dotting tool to make the polka dot shapes but if you don't have one you can make one from things you find in your home i.e ball point pen, the end of a paint brush or the one I use is a bobby pin, so with the bobby pin open it up, pour some of your nail polish in this case the elf 'mod mauve' on a CD case or piece of paper and starting applying the polka dots onto your nails.. have fun! :)

68 JUST SHOUT nail polish from essence.

D19 Mod Mauve nail polish from ELF

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ireland V Armenia 11th October '11

Awesome time tonight at the match in Lansdowne stadium with my dad & cousin. Ireland won 2-1 :)


I went shopping yesterday with my two bestfriends, pictures/rewiews of some of things I got will be up soon..

Small review on beauty products I recently purchased.

This is the 'Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara' from ELF, this product works really well for me, I've only used the eyebrow part to this and it keeps them in place all day and it doesn't make them feel hard or dry, i'm not too sure what to use the eyelash part for, help?

This is the 'therapeutic conditioning lip balm in Strawberry Crème' it really moisturizes your lips and smells good too which is a bonus!! I've ordered this lip balm in Vanilla Crème because i like the strawberry so much. Excited for it to arrive.

I only got this mascara yesterday after seeing some reviews on it and how much people liked it.. WOW i've only used it once and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! ..emphasis on the love!

Essence nail polish is a very affordable nail polish starting at €1.29 which is what this mint nail polish cost, 'viva la green' is not the 'IN' colour for fall but hey who needs to stick to all the trends.

These two nail polishes from ELF are the colours for fall, burgundy and mod mauve are colours i'll be wearing alot over the next while.

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