Sunday, 2 December 2012

Something a bit different

If you would like to know how I done this nail then just keep reading.. I'm the type of person who puts nail polish on one day and I'll love the design but then the next day i'll want a bit of a change and do my nails all over again.. sometimes I'll even just reapply the same colour again after changing my mind about 50 times. So even though I have plenty of nail polish's and I probably didn't need to buy another one I came across this one in Claire's accessories on high street kensington. I wasn't sure how this was suppose to be applied so I just did what worked for me. Firstly I got my Nail hardner/base coat, applied 2 layers, before it dried I poured the nail beads on top and with my finger I smoothed them out for an even layer, I waited approx 10 minutes to let them set and stick and then added a top coat for be extra sure the beads would not fall off and also for a nice shine finish look.. and hey presto that's how I got the bead nails :) Adios x

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