Sunday, 30 December 2012

Visiting home for Christmas 2012

I visited home (Ireland) for Christmas so I thought I would share some pictures that were taken over the week I was there :)
My dad, Sister, Me, My mother & Brother on Christmas day
My parents have a Neighbors/family Christmas night out each year for the adults and this year (& last) they had the party in the place I use to work which was quite weird because last year I was cooking and servicing them dinner and this year I was the one sitting down at the table eating, although I did get up after the starter to clear the dishes.. Helpful Chloë
After the party myself and a few friends headed into a pub and then nightclub.. Bants were had, Seen many people I hadn't seen in years. Good to catch up!
While I was home myself and my bestfriend Alannah got matching tattoo's as my 21st birthday present, I'll upload pictures when it's healed. We go the Infinity symbol with the words 'To infinity and beyond' written underneath. Now we have 3 matching tattoo's together.. My brother also popped into the tattoo place to see us which was nice
I'm back in London now but I'll be heading back home again in March to see The Script.. Although I'm quite annoyed because I bought my tickets the minute they went on sale, and when they sold out they added 2 more dates but for the end of Feb. Ah well atleast I get to see them (for like the millionth time) :) HAPPY NEW YEAR.. HAVE AN AWESOME 2013

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