Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Travelling Tips

Halo Dudes & Dudettes. - Long time no blogging! 

I recently returned from a lovely trip visiting family and friends in Brisbane, Australia. Whilst I was packing, on route and while I was there I came to think of some useful travel tips that I used and proved to be quite helpful to me.
At the beginning of the year I wrote a blog post about my Travel Toiletries & Make Up  essentials which sometimes I look to when travelling to make sure I have all the important things with me.
 I hope this post is as useful to me in my future travels and also helps you.
...Of course I must first share some pictures from my adventure :)

 In no particular order..
    • Vacuum pack bags. I saved so much space in my suitcase but do rememeber not to over pack and be wary of the weight limit. click here
    • Use shower caps to individually and neatly hold your shoes. This will prevent the shoes from dirtying your clothes. click here
    • Even if you're bringing your toiletries in your main suitcase I still suggest bringing travel size bottles. Bringing full size products may be a waste of space depending on how long you are travelling for.You will most likely use all the product in a travel size bottle during your holiday/trip meaning you can chuck it out/recycle, making more space in your suitcase to bring holiday purchases back ;)
    • While travelling my wisdom teeth were coming through which was very painful. Having a first aid kit with all the essentials meant I had Bonjela and pain killers at my fingertips. 
    • If you're a nail polish junky like I am then trying to decide what polish to take on holiday can be a bit tricky. It can also take up a lot of space in your cosmetic bag. Getting gel nail polish before you leave is a great alternative to carrying nail polish, base coat and top coat as it can last up to 4 weeks. This is what I use. So simply and easy to use. click here
    • Using Sun protection lip balm is really important if you're heading somewhere hot. This is my preferred lip balm click here
    • If you're travelling a long distance then plan out your sleeping pattern. This may prevent you from getting jet lag.
    • No need to panic if you have no space for towels or bikini's in your suitcase. If you're heading for a sun holiday you're bound to pick up something very cheap when you arrive at your destination. 
    • I use an eyemask for sleeping every night but using one while travelling is a life saver. There is nothing more annoying than trying to sleep on a long flight and the person next to you has their reading light on.
    • If you're an anxious person or not too good at travelling/flying then I suggest Bach rescue remedy chewy sweets. They taste nice and very convenient to throw a packet into your handbag. click here

    Living in London means for me I travel back home to Ireland a lot so if you have any tips that you find helpful feel free to leave them in the comments my amigos.
    Chloë x

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