Monday, 27 May 2013

Cath Kidston - Mini Haul

Hello Lovely.
Late last week I had a cheeky little look on the Cath Kidston website, with no intention of buying anything, just have a sneaky scoop, but when does that ever happen - going onto a pretty website with all their pretty little items and pretty colours and not buying something? It's quite rare for me anyway.
I decided I wouldn't let myself look at the fashion or bag section of the site due to these being my serious weaknesses and potentially costing my purse a lot of monies. Bold Chloë. 
So I limited myself to looking at the accessories and sale section.
These are the great finds that I bought.  
Oooh so pretty

Little Rose Pocket Purse £4.50 - I've attached this little coin purse to my keys and threw some change in for those emergencies situations or if I need to top up my Oyster Card (Underground tube/Bus Pass) 
Polka Dot Case On-sale from £8 to £4 - I have a slight habit of throwing my phone into my bag along with everything else which is not great for the phone or the screen so I thought this cute case would be great at protecting my phone from unwanted scratches and cracks
Flower Key Ring  On-sale from £4 to £3 - I may have a tad obsession with floral print and even though I didn't need anymore key rings to add to my growing collection, soon I won't be able to find my keys, This was my calling my name so basically I had to buy it.

What websites do you get glued to? Which ones makes you go oooooooh?

Chloë x


  1. I think I'm actually addicted to buying Cath Kidston stuff especially when a sale is on, so I know how you feel! N x

    1. They're quite reasonably priced when they have a sale, I just can't resist!
      What other websites do you like?

      Chloë x

  2. I absolutley love cath kidston, wish I could buy everything in there! <3

  3. these are so pretty :) Gotta love dots and flowers!


  4. cath kidsons flower prints are so adroable. i love them.

  5. Cute! Haha :)
    Penny Rose

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