Friday, 31 January 2014

January 2014 Favourites

I bought some new products recently and also re-discovered some oldies too. 
They add up to my January 2014 favourites.

A new product for this month is the LOreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara. Now £8.99 at Boots but I bought it at the introductory price of £5.99.
It gives great volume to your lashes without clumping. Using it on your top and bottom lashes make your eyes look more open and awake. The 360 degree brush makes the application easier to do as the flexible brush lets you get into those little areas to catch all the hairs. 

I bought this lovely blush from Inglot in Shade 46 at IMATS London 2013. I use this blush a lot and I've barely made a mark in it. It's very pigmented so I advise using it sparingly.

This Rimmel Stay Blushed in Sunkissed Cherry is the blush I use on work days, as blotting some on your cheeks and rubbing in without having to use a brush is good enough for me when I'm in a hurry. 
It wears very well, good pigment and easy to blend. 

This LOreal Super Liner Ultra Precision is a new buy for January. The very thin, soft tip is so easy to work with. You can make a really small line to a thick wing with this flexible tip. Long wearing and a really black line. I can't fault it.
I'm not a big fan of wearing shiny lip-glosses. I'm more of a matte lipstick/lipgloss kind of girl, but there was something about this Infinite Shine Gloss that I really liked and needed to buy. It has such a smooth application, not sticky at all, it smells good and the peachy tone is one of my favourites. 
When living at home in Ireland I use to buy many products from the Catrice line, but since living in the UK I haven't found anywhere that sells it. If anyone knows where I can buy their products, please let me know.

The reason for this being in my favourites for this month is (the same reason as the Rimmel blush) it applies easily without having to use a brush which is convenient for when you're in a rush on work days. It isn't one of my all time favourite foundations although it is very lightweight on my face and does keep it matte. It just doesn't give me that 'oomph' feeling. 

I bought this Elf Mineral Eye Brightener quite some time ago. I generally feel the need to use this product on days my eyes are feeling dull or tired. This month has had both of those things. Dabbing a piece of the powder in the tear duct inner corner area of your eye will make your eyes immediately pop and look more awake. 
Side tip: My eyes have been a bit sore lately, which resulted in me rubbing them to the point where they were red. Using white pencil eyeliner on the lower waterline is a great trick to make your eyes look more white and brighter to help disguise the blood shot eyes. 

Although I don't have oily skin all over my face I do suffer from a bit on my chin and forehead which is why I chose this Garnier Moisture Match Cream in Shine Be Gone. I love the feeling of this cream on my face. It has a whipped moose texture and leaves your face feeling refreshed and matted. 

I've used A LOT of different Argan Oil's in the past, from TRESemme to Moroccan Oil, and as much as I love all of them, I'm still on the search for an Argan oil to which I stick to. This Argania Argan Oil smells great, does great to my hair, leaves it feeling soft and smelling nice. It's my favourite of all my oils right now.

Do you have anything you used in January that you'd recommend?
Leave a comment and let know.
Chloë x  

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