Sunday, 23 October 2011

Diagonol Black and white polka dot with silver strip

I should have taken a picture as soon as I done these nails last night but I completely forgot.. sad face!
If you would like to know how I got this diagonal look you can check out my 'Polka dot nail polish' blog, only difference is the colours.

Firstly I used the 'Gosh' Nail hardener, this product is awesome if you have quite weak nails.

Then I applied the black nail polish by essence called 'fatal' diagonally on my nail.

I then used 'w7' white nail polish which doesn't have a name and a bobby pin to get the polka dots.

Then I used 'w7' silver glitter polish for the diagonal strip above the black polish.

To top if off I used Suhada top coat to protect my finish look from chipping and also to give a nice clear shine.

And thats how I get my diagonal black and white polka dot look.

Adios :)

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