Thursday, 13 October 2011

Polka dot nail polish

I got this nail polish look by first using 'Essence' fresh start cleansing nail polish to clean my nails, then applied 'Gosh' nail hardener as my nails break quite easily and this product I feel works the best for me, then after letting that dry naturally I apply pieces of Sellotape diagnolly on my nail. Apply coat of essence 'JUST SHOUT' once it has dried add a second coat, when it has dried you can either use a dotting tool to make the polka dot shapes but if you don't have one you can make one from things you find in your home i.e ball point pen, the end of a paint brush or the one I use is a bobby pin, so with the bobby pin open it up, pour some of your nail polish in this case the elf 'mod mauve' on a CD case or piece of paper and starting applying the polka dots onto your nails.. have fun! :)

68 JUST SHOUT nail polish from essence.

D19 Mod Mauve nail polish from ELF

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