Saturday, 30 March 2013

TRESemmé Argan Oil

I feel like I've tried hundreds of hair styling products in my hair over the years  and I  never usually stick to something too long. I guess Curiosity over comes me when I see a new product that comes out that says it can do 'magical and wonderful' things to my hair that NO OTHER product can do. Me being Me of course I fall for this and think 'Oh great, a new toy to play with'. Buuuuut they never seem to live up to my expectation and although this Tresemmé Argan Oil isn't this greatest hair product I've come across it does do a pretty darn good job.

I have very long hair, approx 24 inches and even thought my hair is in pretty good condition due to the fact I've never dyed my hair..(unless you count the hair mascara's you used when you were a child.. if you're a 90's child you'll know what i'm talking about.. Tres Cool..! See what I did there ;))
My hair is naturally quite thin and breaks easily at the ends, my roots become greasy quite fast but the ends of my hair are dry and just seem to always be having a bad day..booo! It may also have something to do with the act I've been cutting my own hair for over a year now and I can't bring myself to go to a hairdressers. I know this may be weird but I've never been to a hair salon to get my hair cut so the thought of having to go in and ask for a specific cut just plainly scares me. My mother is a hairdresser and shes always cut & styled my hair since..forever. Obviously now I'm living in London and my family live in Ireland I can't just casually get my hair cut like I use to so I guess it's going to be Myself  and my mothers old OLD scissors for now. But until I get a proper hair cut from my mother again I think I'm going to stick with this Tresemmé Argan Oil, it leaves my ends feeling moisturized and nourished, it keeps frizz at bay and those annoying little flyaway's from flying away but the bonus about this oil is that it doesn't leave your hair feeling oiled or greasy like a lot of Oil products do. 

Applying this product -

I apply my regular shampoo and conditioner in the shower
 Towel dry my hair
Brush my hair through using a comb
Apply a generous amount of the Argan oil to my hand
Rub together.. I do this step as it heats the oil in my hand
I distribute the oil in my hair mainly concentrating on the ends and frizz 
Brush my hair throughly with a comb
I then use my heat protecting creams or sprays and style my hair as normal

Do you use oil in your hair? What products would you recommend? 

Adios amigos x


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