Wednesday, 20 March 2013

No.7 freebies

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A couple weeks ago I trotted on into boots like I do about 20 times a week (a tad bit of an exaggeration, only a tad though) and I purchased 2 products from No.7. I had never tried any of their cream blushes before and for a while I had been looking and testing this blush in the shade 'Romantic' (top left) but never purchased it for an unknown reason. But today was the lucky day I was finally going to buy it. The reason I was at the No.7 counter was for the lipsticks. Oooh the beautiful beautiful lipsticks. Honestly I really like the long wear of the lipsticks and the pigmentation is just perfect. I was intrigued by the shade 'Tranquil Rose' (top right) which I had seen the costumer service lady wearing and she recommended it to me the time i was in their before. This is my favourite lipstick of the moment, I just can't get enough! But the awesome deal with buying these 2 products was the free gift worth up to £26 pounds (bottom two photos), you don't get to pick and choose the products you receive in this lovely little salmon pink make up case but that was fine, I was thinking of purchasing the long length mascara in full size but I was so happy when I seen it was one of the free items. You also get a 10ml Intense Hypo-allergenic day dream which I have not used as of yet. A lovely maroon coloured eyeshadow and a deep red lipstick, apologies for not adding the names or numbers at the moment. Also an added bonus, there is no minimum spend, just buy 2 No.7 products and receive this free gift. If you're lucky enough at the checkout the cashier will also give you a No.7 voucher that could save you up to £5 on skincare products. I'm defiantly loving the promotions happening at the moment. Everybody loves a good deal!

Speaking about the skin care vouchers I recently purchased the Cleansing face brush saving me £5 and costing me approx £19. I'm going to use this for a bit longer but in the next couple of weeks I will write a review of how I'm getting on with the brush.

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