Saturday, 13 April 2013

25 Facts About Me

1. I hate the sound of somebody brushing their teeth.

2. You will never see me without my tub of Vaseline being very close by.

3. I moved out of home when I was 17 to go to college to study photography.

4. I have 7 tattoos and a few piercngs.

5. I went to an all Irish speaking school..yes Irish is a language.

6. I've been vegetarian for 10 years.

7. When I was younger I went to Disneyland Hong Kong & Paris..both are equally awesome!

8. My favourite food is Macaroni & Cheese.

9. When I was 16 I was in Intensive care with double pneumonia..
not fun!

10. I have a really bad memory which means 'What was I going to say' seems to be something I say a heck of a lot!

11. I am from Ireland and I was born in Dublin City on the 8th November 1991

12. I bruise really easily but then again I'm just clumby and walk into random objects.

13. I LOVE to travel and going on adventures!

14. I only started liking anything to do with Orange food or drinks last year..

15. Concerts and gigs are things I love to go to.

16. Discovering new or local bands is something I really enjoy.

17. Onions and mushrooms are absolutely gross.

18. I've never been to a hair salon to get my hair cut before.

19. I don't like the ocean, if I can't see to the bottom I am not getting in.

20. Having my room organised is a must.

21. If my parents didn't call me Chloë they were going to name me Phoebe.

22. I take a lot of photographs!

23. Making 'To do lists' keep me sane and very happy

24. I eat way too much junk food.

25. Family camping holidays in France were my favourite.

So whether it was useful or useless information you now know a little bit more about me.

Adios Amigos x

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  1. Disneyland is awsome alrite. I was there twice and I would go again and again. :)