Monday, 8 April 2013

Bio Oil

I bought this bottle about 8 months ago

Bio Oil is something I only discovered in the past year and half. Since finding this amazing creation I have been using it weekly as a 'deep moisturizer'  and also daily on my scars, to calm redness and also uneven skin tones around my nose and cheeks. I advise using this oil when you have a spare few hours to let it sink into your skin.

Over the past 8 years I have gotten many different piercings, including 7 lip piercings, eyebrow, belly button and hips.. yes hips! As much as I loved/love all of these piercings and never have I regretted any of them I have now been left with some nasty little scars that I wish were not there. Since using bio oil I have noticed how drastically my scars have faded, mostly my eyebrow, hips and 2 lip piercings. 
For a big change to be noticeable you need to use this oil twice a day for at least 3 months. I know that sounds like a heck of a long time to apply oil everyday but honestly it's worth it when you start to see the results. Depending on the size of scaring you may be able to see results after 2 weeks which was the case for me and my hip piercings. 
My eyebrow scar and also 1 lip piercing have completely faded to the point where I can barely see it anymore and 1 other lip piercing has faded a huge amount. 

I use this oil twice a day to help with redness and uneven skin tone around my nose and cheeks, again this has been a huge help in keeping the redness down particularly around my nose as this is the worst spot for me and I have seen a definite improvement in my cheeks also. 

Usually once a week I will 'deep moisturize' my face by using a face cloth to dampen my face, take a small amount of bio oil in my hand, rub together to slightly heat it up and while my face is still damp I will evenly spread the oil all over my face. You may not look too appealing and you may look kinda sweaty but if it's doing your skin wonders well then who cares.. :) & relax while this sinks into your skin.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a moisturizing, uneven skin tone, scar-fighting oil.

Have you tried this oil, what did you think? Or have you tried any other oils or creams you would recommend?  Let me know, I'd love to hear x


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