Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nica Handbag - Alicia Acrossbody

If there is one thing that I, Chloë have a weakness for, it's most certainly handbags, I go on the Nica website to 'ooooh' and 'aaaahh' all over the bags all day.
I think I have about 8 to my collection at this moment in time and each and everyone one of them are very much loved by yours truly.
 Nica bags can be a bit on the expensive side, although when they have a sale or items are in the outlet you can always find a great deal with bags being 50% off. Which is where I came across this beautiful Coral Alicia Acrossbody reduced from £29 to £15, if I could, I would have my whole life in Coral colours, especially for the summer time creeping up it's nice to have something with a nice pop of colour.
You can buy Nica bags from a lot of different places but here are some of the places where I find mine.

P.s apologies in advance if you get hooked on these bags.. they're addictive ;) 

Chloë x


  1. Oh no! I had a sneak peak and I've already found two bags that I want to get! I love your bag but in the navy colour... hmmm may have to get myself one!

  2. love the bag! does it hold a lot of items?

    1. Hi Charnai,

      It holds everything and the kitchen sink.. like most girls bags ;)
      This bag is great for space, it has 3 pockets (2 of which you can see in the picture) and one at the back of the bag.
      All of my Nica bags wear really well and still look brand new after a lot of use.
      Hope this helped
      Chloë x

  3. I love this bag! I would wear it a lot during summer days xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM