Friday, 10 May 2013

Taylor Swift Perfume & Free Gift

Boots have a great offer on at the moment. 
Buy any Taylor Swift perfume and you receive this beautiful floral print tote bag FREE. 
I've been eyeing her perfume up for a while and whenever i'm in boots i have a cheeky spray, but I just never purchased a bottle. That was until today when I seen this beautiful spring/summer bag was free when purchasing the perfume. I bought the 30ml perfume on sale for £13.33 (original price £20.00). Super deal! 
The bag feels like great quality. No pockets on the inside but big enough to fit your kitchen sink..if you're into that sort of thing...I'm really happy with the bargain I got today.
If you're interested in this deal you better get to your local boots asap as I'm sure these bags will be snatched up quickly!

Chloë x 


  1. Fab free gift! Tempted to buy the perfume just for the bag...N

  2. I have never tried this perfume before it looks amazing though :D x