Tuesday, 1 January 2013

January 1st 2013

Today as it is New Year's Day is usually a day of being hungover, tried and having absolutely nothing to do. But last night I didn't go out like everyone else in the world instead I stayed in on Facetime to my bestfriend Alannah for about 4 hours, I cleaned my bedroom, terribly exciting I know. So today unlike most people I was not hungover and I had to go to work, well I ventured into work at 1pm for about an hour or so to make sure everyone was all peachy. After that long and stressful day in work.. Naaat. I headed home and relaxed. After all my relaxing & YouTube Watching I had the urge to do my make up and be all artsie with the camera apps true photographer I am.. So yeah happy 2013, I hope it's truly awesome! :)

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