Sunday, 13 January 2013

Quotes & Pictures

Howdy :)

So I'm a person who LOVES quotes. Any time I see a quote or a picture I like I'll screenshot it, not even kidding I'm pretty sure the majority of my pictures on my phone are screenshots. I thought that considering I like them so much I'd share some of the ones I like a lot with ya'll :) . When I done photography in College a few years ago I use to write quotes to explain the themes or situation in a picture, I must have pages & pages of short and long quotes all scattered in my portfolio.
As a warning I should tell you there are probably going to be a ton of pictures with this post. You have been warned so let's get this quotes party started.


  1. love your blog! i also love the peg idea- i think it's great and has a vintage look!
    by the way, the snow in bedford is getting heavier and is likely to settle :)
    please subscribe to my blog!

    1. Thank you :)
      I subscribed to your's, love your bedroom!
      I'm so disappointed about the snow situation in London, there is nothing :/
      Is it still snowing for you?

  2. I'm obsessed with quotes! Btw, love your blog!Very cute!!!! Check out my blog for a post on my new Prada pumps, love.

    kisses from NY,

  3. I love quotes as well! I sat and read through all of these, I absolutely love it <3 xxx