Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hi my name is Chloё and I have a shopping problem.

Hola Amigos

Basically the past fedays I've been a tad bit bad at convincing my myself that I don't need to buy something just because it's pretty or on sale. I ventured to a lot of different places and bought some things that I probably could have lived without. Some places included Homebase, Ikea, Boots & Republic.

I walk past Homebase when I walk home from work and I noticed they had a 50% sale so of course I had to go check it out. The top picture I made myself. I got the picture in the middle from homebase for half price at £8.99 and also the love heart metal sign which has 'Love' written in lots of different languages, also half price, not 100% sure but I think it was £6.99 :) I also picked up a few morthings from there but nothing super interesting like a touch lamp and a cup.


I ventured to Topshop, I do apologise for the bad quality of the picture above I just could not get a decent photo of the dress. I use to wear dresses constantly last year and the year before but then just went out of that phase, i'm slowly coming back into it and I found this lovely deep purple sleeveless skater dress (£20.00) today and fell in love, I think that pairing this dress with black tights and brown ankle boots would be lovely but i'm not too sure if a belt should be added, help? 

An example of the 'things I could have lived without' would have been this. I thought it would be a super idea to head to Ikea yesterday, my only reason for going was to pick up some vanilla candles and for something to eat.. I have a bit of an obsession with their mac & cheese! Buuut I ended up coming out with some other things also. One of those being the bed side dresser above, it was on sale for £20.00 and I felt like this beautiful piece of furniture needed to be in my life, might I add that I had to get this (in a big box) and other items I bought back on 3 buses on my own. I also picked up some storage boxes and a duvet set.

Next up was Boots, not even kidding guys if I could I would live in Boots very happily. 
I was running out of my Aussie products so had to repurchase the 'Luscious long' shampoo but instead of my usual conditioner this time I decided to buy the three minute miracle conditioner frizz remedy because my hair has been feeling a bit naughty lately and likes to have it's own mind and make me look like I've been in gale force winds or electrocuted.. either way it ain't a good look for me, and considering it's 3 for £10 I also picked up the Anti frizz hair serum which I have never tried before so we'll see how I get on with that :)
Maybelline falsies mascara (£6.99), yes I am pretty aware I'm quite late jumping onto this bandwaggon but hey better late than never, I guess I just never tried this mascara (even with everyone raving about it) because I use to be obsessed with  the brand Essence, I think it's an Irish brand but I think because I was mostly glued to their products I felt I didn't need to try out many others, I'm quite looking forward to giving this mascara a go considering all the reviews I've seen of this product. 

went a bit accessory mad today in Republic but I couldn't help myself it was all half price, The top picture (pleasexcuse my nail polish) is a beautiful gold stud half finger ring for £3.
The three rings all came together, silver, black & rose gold also reduced to 
w i'm not really a wearer of earrings and I could hon
estly not tell you the last time I wore a pair but I just thought theswere too pretty to pass by, One set was marked at £2.50 and the other at £3 I just don't remember which ones..Sorry :/

Aaaaaand there we have it.. a bit of insight into the addiction that I, Chloё seem to have.. I'm pretty sure my bank account does not appreciate it.. Does anyone else have this problem? Let me know?

Adios Amigos :) x

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