Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Day


GUYS IT STARTED SNOWING Yaaaay :D I'm super duper happy, although it isn't enough to go out and make snow angles in quite yet but hopefully tomorrow morning I wake up and there will be A LOT more *Fingers crossed*. Since there wasn't enough snow to go outside and be a child in I decided I would just look at it falling and making everything look beautiful from inside my bedroom, i have a pretty big window which is a super bonus. I emptied all my clothes onto the floor and put things I knew I would never wear or use again into bags for charity, and now my wardrobe is neat and tidy again..phew! For dinner I made some Sweet & Sour Quorn stir-fry, it was DEEEEELISH. For the last few hours I have manages to end up on the the 'weird side' of YouTube, watching videos from cute kittens, Charlie the unicorn & now I am currently watching a DR Phil episode of a man who believes he is a baby. While venturing through all of these strange/cute videos I painted my nails, see the picture above. I have also been writing in my journal constantly today about Blog post ideas, things i need to do and products I would like to buy. So I'm now gonna get back to watching the adult baby dude and ill catch ya'll soon :)

Adios Amigos x


  1. cute nails!! i love the colors & you have a lovely blog

    new follower :)

  2. Hey girl! Thanks for following my blog! Love Barry M nail polishes, I wish they had them in Canada. I own one, and its a really pretty summery orange colour!