Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lipstick caught my eye today.

Howdy guys :)

My Dress is from topshop (£20) My ring is from Republic 
(onsal£3) My boots are from Tesco 2 years 
ago & my bag is Topshop (£40)

So today I was a tad bit more productive than I was yesterday. The first thing I did when I woke up was rip open the curtains in excited to see if anymore beautiful snow had fallen and had left everything looking pretty, but disappointment quickly set in when I noticed that the snow had mostly melted and now it was just sludge in most parts. So obviously there were no snowmen making or angel making for me today, I do love to be a child every once in a while. Once the disappointed had settled in and I realised I wasn't going to be a kid for the day I decided to get dressed up all cosy and head out, I didn't know exactly where I was going when I left the house as I didn't have anything planned but surprise surprise I ended up in Boots, now for anyone who knows me well they will know that boots is one of my favourite places ever , anyone who is not from the UK or Ireland Boots is a drugstore. I wandered on in to try find the 'Rimmel Kate Moss' lipstick in 107 for one of my friends, she noticed my lipstick a couple weeks ago and really liked it and asked me to pick her up one if I get the chance, since then I have been looking in nearly every pharmacy and this lipstick is ALWAYS sold out, which didn't really surprise me because it is a beautiful lipstick. But to my surprise they had the lipstick in stock so I snatched up the last one off the shelf.. Yippee! I then headed into Superdrug, again another Drugstore, where I had a nosey around and came across A LOT of lipsticks/lip butters I really really liked, and after testing almost every single one on the back of my hand I choose 4 that

From Top Left - Revlon Lip butter in Candy Apple 035. MUA Shade        
13. Collection 2000 Passion Fruit 05. MUA Shade 1.
I though needed to be in my life (see pictures below), After I have given them a go and tested them as much as I can I will be sure to do a review on what I thought of them. It intrigues that the MUA lipsticks where only £1 and I'm quite skeptical, but hey I'm gonna give it a go and see how I get on. I then Trotted into poundland. Ooh I like poundland a lot especially because they sell yummy/unhealthy food for so cheap, I maaaay have picked up 6 milky bar selection boxes that were reduced to 50p, I just couldn't resist, they're just SO good! After visiting some other shops I remembered I had a No.7 voucher for boots that I hadn't used, I've been receiving these vouchers for so long but for some reason I was just never into checking out the range and giving it the time of day. But today I said 'Heck I'm gonna give it a go' so after standing staring and practically reading every ingredient on the products I bought the 'Beautiful skin foaming cleanser for normal/oily skin', for years now I've always used my Garnier Milk cleanser, Rose extract' and because that had always done the job for me I never felt like I needed to change so its quite scary for me to try this but giving the fact that I had a £5 off voucher and it only cost me £3 I'm willing to try it out. And after that long stressful day (Naaat) I headed into Esquires for a nice hot cup of tea and some tomato soup to warm up, delish! & Hey presto that was my adventure today :) What did you do? Let me know in the comments, I love to chat :)
No.7 Beautiful skin Foaming cleanser and th£5
off voucher.

Adios Amigos x


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  2. cute blog!

    new follower :)

  3. i love these little photos. so cuute :)

    btw i'm hosting a giveaway for a cute clothing boutique that I thought you might like. and i'd love for you to enter it if you have time :)

    The DayLee Journal

  4. I've had my eye on the lip butter in Candy Apple for a while now. I'm just waiting for them to go on sale at the drugstore! I love the colour its so pretty! Stop by my blog if you get the chance xx

    1. They leave your lips feeling so moisturized, I do recommend them.

      Chloë x

  5. I've been enjoying the snow so much too! I love it! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

  6. I am also a great fan of lip stick and this color is always my favorite.

  7. I so want to try candy apple! I'd love to see a review x

    1. Hey Josie

      Once I've had it for a bit longer I'll be sure to do a review about it.
      I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it and I'm really liking it so far :)

      Chloë x